Getting Started - It's fun and easy!

You do NOT have to buy any gear to take this class.
There are no surprise costs.

5 East Steps>

1) Sign up (you can sign up by e-mail)
2) Homework
3) Classroom
4) Pool practice
5) Lake - Beaver Lake details

Step 1
Signing Up

We will meet with you to handle signing up:
•Fill out the needed paperwork
• Give you your class materials
• Answer any questions
• Handle payment
This usually takes about 20 minutes.

The paperwork must be signed by an adult or guardian if the student is a minor.

What paperwork is there?
A medical form - a simple survey which helps us understand if you have any medical conditions that could raise a question about the safety of scuba diving for you. If any such conditions exist, you'll need to take the medical form to your doctor for approval.
Statement of understanding - this is a simple form that states that you understand the risks involved with scuba diving.
Safe Practices Statement - This statement says that you agree to follow safe diving practices.

Step 2

Before the classroom session, you'll need to do some homework.

Most people say this homework takes about half a day:
• Read the material and answer the homework questions.
You'll receive a book at signup

• Watch the video (available as a video tape or DVD)
You'll receive the tape or DVD at signup

You can also use a CD ROM that fulfills the material of the video and the book.

These materials and completed homework need to be brought to the classroom session.

Step 3

Classroom review of homework, questions and quiz

You and the other students will attend a classroom session:

• Review the material you did as homework

• Take are quizzes that help us make sure you've understood the material. When something isn't clear, we review that part again.

• Take a final test to verify that you understand the concepts studied.

• You'll also learn how the basic gear works and how to assemble it.
You'll practice assembling the gear several times.

We'll answer any questions you may have and happily discuss any aspect of diving you have questions about.

The classroom usually takes about 5 hours and is often done on a wednesday evening.

Final details about meeting at the pool will be shared at classroom.

Step 4

Learning and practicing basic scuba skills.

The class will meet at one of our pool sites:

• We'll do a couple of quick water exercises to make sure you are comfortable in the water.

• We'll demonstrate each of the water skills needed to dive safely. We'll demonstrate the skills one at a time, then you'll practice and demonstrate your ability to perform the skill.
This skill are also on the video, DVD or CD-ROM that you reviewed as part of your homework before the classroom session

The pool session usually takes about 5 hours.

Most often we do the pool work on the Sunday before we do the lake work. This can vary depending on exactly which class you enroll in.

Final details about the lake session are reviewed.

Step 5
There are 4 scuba dives that we will do at the lake. Beaver Lake Details
Typically we'll do 3 dives on Saturday and the other 1 on Sunday. It is required that the lake dives take more than one day.

On these dives you'll get to experience being underwater and tour some of the area on each dive.You'll also demonstrate some of the skills you learned at the pool, except we'll be in the lake.

We'll log our dives and after successful completion, you'll be a certified Open Water Diver!