Beaver Lake Details

Beaver Lake is the best place to dive in this area. The lake has the best clarity, atmosphere and facilities. It's the best overall experience.
We stay at a small hotel just a mile or so from the dive site at the lake. There are a lot of hotels in the vicinity.

Typically, we go up on Saturday morning, open water class usually starts at noon., and leave Sunday around lunch time.

You'll need to pay for parking at the lake since it is a state park. Parking is $4 per day, cash/exact change is needed since it is unmanned.


Beaver Lake Fish
How to get there: Download directions
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Beaver Lake Open Water Class 1 Beaver Lake open water class 2
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Where to stay: We stay at C&J Sports, right near the lake

11792 Hwy 187
Eureka Springs, AR 72631