DiveTulsa's Committment to Your Safety

Prevention and Preparation


Supervision in the water

Standards allow a scuba instructor to take up to 8 beginning students into the open water at a time. The number is up to instructor judgement based on conditions.

DiveTulsa teaches with very conservative supervision. Each instructor will take a maximum of 2 beginning students into the open water at a time.

We choose to greatly safe-side this standard because each instructor has two hands, one for each student. If a problem occurs, the instructor can physically assist only 2 students.

This is not the most profitable way to teach but it is the right way to teach.

Supervision at the shore

While students are between their dives they often are at wading depth near the shore.

DiveTulsa will not leave these students unattended. We station a certified assistant with the students who checks then out to instructors and checks them back in when they return.

Each student is accounted for 100% of the time.

Diver tracking at local dives

When DiveTulsa has local events we utilitze a diver tgracking tool from DAN (Divers Alert Network). This tool issues a tag to each dive and record their time of entry into the water. They are checked back out when they return. This assures that we know who is in the water and for how long.
Diver tracking on trips

On group dive trips DiveTulsa brings a formal check out/check in list on a clipboard onto the boat or to the shore site.

After each dive every diver is accounted for before the boat moves.

Weather awareness

DiveTulsa will not allow students to enter the water if an electrical storm is detected in the area.

Response Preparation

Rescue training

All DiveTulsa instructors and assistants are trained rescue diver. That means we have been trained to respond to diving emergencies such as a diver getting lost or injured.
First Aid training

All DiveTulsa instructors and assistants are trained in Emergency First Response.

This first aid training prepares us to handle an injury should it ever occur.

Frist Aid and Oxygen kits

Whenever we are at the lake or pool, we bring a full first aid kit with oxygen.

Should an emergency ever occur, we'll have the tool to handle it.

Emergency Planning

For each dive site that we visit, DiveTulsa has prepared an emergency action plan.

This plan clearly states how to best handle emergencies at that location with information such as nearest hospital, 911 availability etc.