Be A Pro.

Help others. Be a leader.

Areas to consider:

Local diving

At this level you are totally on top of your own diving skill and have the capacity to help other on their dives and in their classes. DiveTulsa frequently needs help with events and we prefer to choose our staff from divers we know. Helping out is a great way for us to get to know you.

Contact us to see how you can help or join us at the lake when we are teaching or hosting events. To find us at the lake, check out the calendar!



At this level you have probably taken Advanced Open Water, a bunch of specialties, and rescue class. You still want more.

The next level is PADI DiveMaster. It is a real investment of time and energy but the reward is qualifying for the first professional level at PADI. A MEMBER of PADI.

This class is conducted over a period of weeks or months depending on schedules. Numerous classroom sessions making you an expert on diving, pool and lake sessions teach you how to lead dives and be responsible for students in class, even conducting several PADI programs yourself.

If you want to have the knowledge and training of a professional, this is for you.



As you advance your skill and education in diving, your continue to treasure the friends and dive buddies your meet along the way. DiveTulsa hosts a number of events that help you stay in touch and meet new people.

In the colder months, we host Show and Tells, where local divers share their dive travel experiences and you have a great chance to meet other divers and share your experiences and questions.

In the warmer months, we host lake events designed to promote diving without expensive and annoying fees. Look for events such as our Gear Tryout Weekend where you can try other people's gear and see what suits you. These events can be found in our newsletter and on our calendar.


Regional Trips

Expand your diving horizons by diving in a wider variety of places. Look for our trips to places such as Bull Shoals Lake or the Blue Hole in New Mexico for easy ways for additional experiences. These events can be found in our newsletter and on our calendar.

As a PADI DiveMaster, you can help organize and run these trips and discover the rewards of helping others.



One main goal for most divers is travel. Exploring the diving that the world has to offer is one of the most rewarding of all diving experiences.

How do you know where to go? Where to stay, what operation to dive with?

Between the divers in the DiveTulsa network, you'll probably be able to find someone who has been there and can offer real untainted advice.

E-mail us anytime with questions, if we don't know, I bet we know someone who will.


Dive Gear

You've got your own gear. Probably replaced it at least once. Now you want to know what the pros use and why.

How do you know what to buy? Ask around. Ask us. We dive a lot and try new gear all the time.

Look for our gear tryout events.

Check out our Gear Buying Advice.