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April 21st, 24th & 25th

April 21st Classroom, April 24th or 25th Lake (Lake dates are flexible)

Heard about NITROX? Essentially it's air with extra oxygen added. This reduces the amount of Nitrogen that you absorb while diving allowing benefits such as extended Nitrogen bottom time. It's a great innovation but required some special training and orientation.

NITROX has become common on liveaboards and many dive destinations.

Diving Stamps

The post office has released a series of scuba diving postage stamps. They actually look pretty darned good and they cost exactly the same as regular stamps. See for yourself.

Rescue Diver Class

May 4th, 8th & 9th

Learn to help your dive buddy or anyone else that gets into trouble while diving.


We like to see as many rescue divers out there as possible, it makes us all safer!

Classroom May 4th, Lake May 8th & 9th

Trip Report
Blue Hole diving

Our Blue Hole trip went very well indeed!

9 Adventurous divers met up at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa New Mexico for a weekend of adventure diving.


The water was quite clear, 30-50 feet of visibility, only disturbed by other divers. The water was a refreshing 64 degrees.


Most of our divers used their newly learned altitude diving skills to perform their altitude check out dives. The Blue Hole is at 4,600 feet of elevation.


Two dives a day followed by exploring the surrounding desert scenery and ruins – tons of Mexican food at night made for a nice routine.


On Sunday morning we explored nearby Perch Lake and the sunken airplane – a twin engine airplane made safe for divers to swim through and explore.


Perch Lake was a bit chillier at 46 degrees but was a nice outing for our drysuit divers.


Talk about a town oriented toward diving! Many shops train at The Blue Hole, particularly from Colorado. One even has their own compressor installed in one of the local hotels.

This is a dive we'll return to!

DiveTulsa divers at the edge of the Blue Hole
Special thanks to Tim for setting up our trip!

Clear water!

About half-way down the hole / An armless diver we'll just call Happy Meal

Quite a few divers visit the Blue Hole!

Gear Tryout Day
At Beaver Lake

June 5th

A common complaint from fellow divers:
"I want to buy my own gear but it's so hard to tell what I want till I try it."

Ever wonder what a back inflation BC feels like in the water?

Ever wonder if an adjustable regulator is really worth it?

Do split fins really help?

Here's the answer. DiveTulsa has set aside a day at the Lake for anyone who wants to come try out gear. We'll bring a ton of gear, everyone who comes should bring gear to let others carefully try, and share your experience with. Dive Site has offered to send along some for us to try too.

Come try stuff out, tell other what you really think of the gear you have, have a nice relaxing day at the lake! Bring cookout supplies and we'll make a day of it.

This is what diving friends are for, come share and learn what divers really think about gear.

June 5th, Beaver Lake.


It's good and it's free, online.

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