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Staff Bio - Chad Engler

PADI Master Instructor MI-172521

- At-a-Glance -
Certified in 1986, 2,900+ logged dives in 22 countries
deepest dive to date 300 feet, 0 to uunlimited visibility, 33 - 99 degrees
Certified 500+ divers
Assisted in the teaching of thousands of divers

- Teaching certifications -
PADI Master Instructor
In additiuon to the standard PADI courses such as Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue diver, Emergency First Response, Divemaster, Assistant Instructor - certified to teach the following distinctive specialties:

Cavern Diver
Night diver
Emergency first responder
Enriched Air / Nitrox
Peak performance buoyancy
Equipment specialist
Nitrox Gas Blender
Boat diver
Search and recovery
UW Videography
Dive Historian
UW Photography
Drift diver
Project AWARE
Digital UW Photography
Fish Identification
Multi-Level diver
Underwater Hunter
Deep diver
Aware/Coral Reef
Underwater Naturalist
Diver Propulsion Vehicle
Wreck diver

- Overhead environment diving certifications & qualifications-
Cavern - PADI
Intro to Cave -
NACD (National Association for Cave Diving)
Apprentice Cave -
Full Cave

Full Cave - TDI (Technical Diving International)
Side Mount Cave - TDI
NACD Wakula Award - 100 safe cave dives
Ice Diving - PADI
Wreck Diving - PADI
Advanced Wreck - TDI

- Technical diving certifications -
Advanced Nitrox - TDI
Decompression Diving - TDI
Extended Range / Trimix (Normoxic) - TDI
Advanced Trimix (Hypoxic) - TDI

- Technical non-diving certifications -
Nitrox Gas Blender - TDI
Advanced (Trimix) Gas Blender - TDI
Gas Blender - DSAT (Digital Science and Technology)

Visual Cylinder Inspector - PSI (Professional Scuba Inspectors)
Valve Repair Technician - PSI
Oxygen Cleaning - PSI

- Passions for teaching-
Helping people have more adventure in their lives!

- Passions for diving -
Adventure, Exploration, Underwater photography and video

- Diving goals -
Experience the world one island at a time.
Ultimate goal is to live on islands, one year at a time and tech/lead diving while there.

- Notable Scuba Experiences -

Galapagos Island, Ecuador
More hammerheads, sea lions, whale sharks, silky sharks,
galapagos sharks than I can count!

North Florida
Cave diving! Trimix diving!

Saba, St. Kitts, St Maarten, Statia
Some nice diving and one swell hurricane! (Omar)
Thanks to the Caribbean Explorer crew for keeping us safe.

Lake George, NY
Ice Diving! Very Cool!

Cocos Island, Costa Rica – Pacific Ocean
Hundreds of sharks, hammerheads, whale sharks, white tips, silver tips, black tips

Utila, Honduras
Very nice reefs, super macro life, some of the best practical jokes ever!

Panama, Santa Catalina and Coiba Island
Corruption, bribery and a few good schools of fish
Now I know why the diving is cheap there...

Chuuk, (Micronesia) – Truk Lagoon, Pacific Ocean
Deep wreck penetration diving on World War II ships and planes

Bali, Komodo, Satonda, Banta, Sangeang, Gili Laua Laut, Rinca, Nusa Kode, Padar Islands, Indonesia – Java Sea, Banda Sea
Completely unspoiled reefs, walls, absolutely outstanding animal and fish life!

Niagara River, Ontario, Canada
Very fast drift diving, artifacts.

Island of Yap (Micronesia) – Philippine Sea/Pacific Ocean
Giant sea manta rays, up to 25 feet across, schooling up to 24 at a time

Flooded Missile Silo, Abilene, Texas
180 foot deep Atlas F silo, flooded with 110 feet of water, filled with artifacts from the cold war

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Red Sea
Unspoiled fish life, warm clear water

Islands of Palau, (Micronesia) - Philippine Sea/Pacific Ocean
Untouched reefs, blue holes, strong currents, beautiful limestone islands

Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands -
Large variety of diving from reefs to wrecks

Finger Lakes, Canandaigua, Seneca Lake – New York State
Deep cool water, railroad cars and many artifacts.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau, (Micronesia)
Saltwater lake isolated many thousands of years ago, home to tens of thousands of jellyfish

Bonaire, Klein Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles Islands – Caribbean Sea
One of the first protected islands maintaining pristine reefs and walls down to a nice bed of sand at 130 feet

St. Lawrence Seaway, Alexandria Bay, New York State
Well preserved wrecks, amazing visibility, artifact collecting

HaPai, VaVau, Kingdom of Tonga – South Pacific Ocean
Humpback Whales!

Taveuni, Fiji – Koro Sea/South Pacific Ocean
Gorgeous unspoiled soft coral, deep walls

Piseco Lake, Adirondack State Park, - New York State
Unexplored lake, first time it has been dived.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia – Pacific Ocean
One of the most beautiful places on earth, both above and below the water

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Sea of Cortez
Strong currents, deep water, larger schools of large fish, Morray Eels

Cooper River, South Carolina
Dark fast water, artifact and fossil diving you would not believe, Megalodon Teeth!

New Providence Island (Nassau), Bahamas – Atlantic Ocean
Shark diving, and feeding - up close and personal!

Kaui, Maui, Oahu, Lanai, Hawaii – Kawai Channel/Pacific Ocean
Turtles, clear water, lava tube diving!

Lakes of the Midwest – Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas
Freshwater fish, rock formations, submerged forests

Catalina Island, California – Gulf of Santa Catalina/Pacific Ocean
Kelp, Girabaldi, Angel sharks, Horn sharks

Hoover Dam, Colorado River, Colorado
Very fast drift diving, cool water from Hoover Dam, recovering anchors

Crystal River, Florida
Manatees, turtles, cave diving

Stetson Bank, Flower Gardens – Gulf of Mexico
Northernmost living tropical reefs

Vortex Spring, Florida
Cavern/Cave diving, fish & eels

Cozumel Island, Mexico
Fun drift diving, clear water, friendly fish

Dos Ojos Cenote , Yucatan Mexico
Crystal clear water, decorated caves, true adventure

Oklahoma Aquarium , Jenks Oklahoma
Feeding those beautiful fish

Blue Hole, Santa Rosa - New Mexico
Clear cool water, fascinating natural geological formations

Roseau - Dominica
Underwater volcano crater, flying gurnards, snake eels, batfish

Cool water, historic shipwrecks

Grand Turk Island - Turks & Caicos
Great turtles, friendly fish, glow worms

Great reefs, reef fish, huge eels

Freeport, Grand Bahama, UNEXSO
Wrecks, reefs, dolphins, sharks, caverns - what else can you ask for?

Niihau, Kaui - Hawaii
Monk seals, humpback whales, leaf fish, frog fish, broadcast spawning surgeonfish!

Key Largo - Florida
Wreck diving!

- Contact info for Chad Engler-
Chad @DiveTulsa.com