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Why PADI ?
(Professional Association of Diving Instructors - PADI)

Is PADI alone?

PADI is not alone. You may or may not know this, but there are quite a few different organizations which sponsor systems that teach scuba diving. Let's think of these as different companies or brands.

Some teach specialized types of diving such as technical diving. Some teach many types of diving including beginning diving. PADI teaches a broad range of diving.

PADI is one of the oldest training companies, over 35 years old.

Dive industry safety

The dive industry is self-regulating. That means that the standards of dive instruction are determined by the industry itself, through a cooperative organization called the RTSC.

The RTSC determines the minimum safety standards for teaching people to dive. All responsible dive training companies (including PADI) meet or exceed the RTSC standards.

Worldwide acceptance

PADI is the largest of the training companies. Over 13,000,000 divers have been trained using the PADI system. Needless to say, the PADI system is tried and true.

PADI is larger than all of the other companies. What this means to you is worldwide recognition and acceptance of your dive credentials.

Training quality
One quality that has set PADI apart is the quality of its training system and materials. PADI developed its system to educational standards.

The biggest reason that DiveTulsa chooses PADI is that every single PADI instructor has been tested by a PADI employee.

There is simply no way to become a PADI instructor without passing the grueling 2-day test.

Most non-PADI instructors were tested by an employee of the dive shop where they will be employed. This is a huge conflict of interest that we do not agree with.

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