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Why DiveTulsa?
We focus

DiveTulsa's focus is on teaching and adventure. We don't sell gear.

Dive shops need to focus on selling gear. That's fine when you want to buy gear, but it surely isn't when you don't. Many dive shops view teaching as a path to selling gear.

It's a large conflict of interest that we choose not to live with. We don't try to talk you into buying gear.

We've taught at dive shops, and even owned dive shops, we've decided not to teach that way.

We take
the time

We choose to take all the time that is needed to teach very well. Some classes go faster than others. Sometimes people need special attention to learn to dive safely.

We take that time.

We don't assembly line style. We've done that when we taught at dive shops and have rejected it.

We make
it comfortable

Many women feel more comfortable with female instructors.

No problem, we understand and we have them.


We are divers who teach.

We are very experienced, senior-level instructors.

We love to dive and we love to share that.




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DiveTulsa - Scuba Dive Tulsa is the finest source of PADI scuba diving training
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