Dive Tulsa News - August 2004

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Athens Scuba Park Trip

September 25th & 26th

This is a scuba park that was dreamed up because of a love of scuba diving and clear water!

Along the shore, 9 entry-exit docks launch divers toward 33 attractions that run the quarry-kitsch gamut from the first Greyhound bus that country singer Ray Price toured in, to the Take Two, a triple-deck houseboat once used as a party barge by Clint Eastwood's film crew of The Dirty Dozen.

Airplanes, motorcycles, boats and VWs round out the menu of playful quarry attractions, offering divers hours of enjoyment and underwater photographers a wide variety of unusual backdrops. Trains that occasionally rumble down the nearby railroad tracks send eerie sounds and vibrations reverberating through the lake, adding an air of otherworldliness for divers, especially at night

Classes offered: Wreck diver, Advanced Open Water

Contact: Tim Culp for questions and to sign up
918-706-9173 (after 7pm, weekdays)


Matt Gage - Graduates as PADI Instructor

After months of serious study, training and practice, we're very please to congratulate Matt on passing the final two-day instructor exam, administered by a PADI instructor examiner (PADI Employee).

It's a very intense and thorough test but Matt was up to the challenge.

Welcome Instructor Gage!

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Table Rock Lake Trip

September 11, 12

Table Rock Lake attracts scuba divers from all over the midwest, due to the variety of interesting dive sites and above average conditions.

DiveTulsa is taking a group trip during which we will do one day of boat diving and one day of shore diving.

Some of the key sites we hope to dive -
Spoonbill bluff - named for the spoonbill or paddlefish that inhabit the site, flat rocks.
Zebulon Pike - Wreck of a 90 foot long lake excursion boat in 75-95 feet of water.
Enchanted forest - grove of moss covered trees.
Breezy point - Popular spot for cliff jumpers thus there is lots of lost stuff underwater.
The Saddle - Underwater ridge with visible drop-offs on either side.

Classes offered: Wreck Diver, Advanced Open Water diver, Boat Diver

Contact: Loretta Engler for questions and to sign up


Cozumel Trip - doing it right!

Coming this Winter...

DiveTulsa has finally found a simply outstanding dive boat and shop in Cozumel.

The boat is large (48 ft), fast (20+ knots), full of amenities. It even picks you up at the hotel dock. The crew washes and hangs your gear at night. You don't have to haul it back to your room.

Sound good so far?

The guide speaks perfect english and has been diving for many decades. They follow good safety measures and diver accounting procedures.

The diving is exciting and beautiful. The visibility varies between 60 and 150 feet. You can dive your way with few restrictions as long as you have a safe plan.

Sound even better?

The hotel is all inclusive, huge pools, beach, shore diving - they even have dive gear lockers for any wet gear that you decide to bring to your room.

The flights leave from Tulsa, no driving to Dallas.

Picture a long weekend of ocean diving AND an optional day of diving in the cenotes (spring fed caverns) on the mainland.

A DiveTulsa show and tell will be coming this Fall.
Pictures, video, stories and trip details will be available at the event.


Open Water - The Movie

Is it Jaws all over again?

A new scary diving movie opens very soon. It has lost divers, a huge ocean full of sharks... what more do you need?

The movie is mega-loosely based on an incident from Australia in which two divers were lost. The mystery was never solved and to this day no one knows what took place. Theories run rampant.

We at DiveTulsa would just like to point out that although these incidents do happen every once in a great while, it is incredibly unlikely. In the movie's scenario, both the divers and the dive boat skip important procedures and enable this to take place.

Add to the extremely low odds of something like this happening to you – you can lower them further by being prepared!

With proper training and equipment, you can very simply avoid problems such as the one in this movie.

Staying with your dive group, carrying proper signaling devices such as safety sausages, mirrors, dye packs, whistles allow you to much more easily be seen by your dive boat. Heck, there are even signaling devices that communicate your location through satellites to the authorities.

These signaling devices, techniques etc are covered in DiveTulsa's PADI Boat Diver Course.

Professional dive operations also take meticulous counts of the divers they put in the water – and check them back in as they exit the water. Look for these procedures when choosing dive boats.

Let's all be smart, prepared and safe, but don't take the movie too seriously.



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